Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday Club Run

Sunday's club run had only a small turnout, with just myself and Mikey - possibly was a poor show because we forgot to announce it! Ahh, well. We had fun anyway.

We set off early and found ourselves enjoying empty roads. The sun was out but as usual the Cornish wind was fierce and there appeared to be a headwind in every direction we turned.

After an hour of riding (and a pit stop to repair a puncture) it was time for a cafe stop for tea and cake. Straying slightly from the tradition, we both opted for toasted tea-cakes. Mmm... they were scrumptious and warmed us slightly.

We set back off and headed towards home. We hadn't even pedalled 100metres when from around the corner a vision that I just wasn't expecting appeared on the horizon. Was I imaging things? Could there really be someone riding towards us in a VeloCake jersey? I shook my head in disbelief. It couldn't be... could it?

It was though, I giggled to myself, what a small world. Stupidly, Mikey hadn't seemed to notice (apparently he was too busy admiring the fellow VeloCakers bike and panniers). He finally clocked the rider as he passed by and called out a cheery hello and waved. It was Don. I'm not too sure who Don is, but it was really great to see someone wearing their VeloCake colours with pride - despite the cold winds he was in short sleeves! (It seemed odd that he would be wearing short sleeves and shorts but then it all made sense when Mikey told me he was a hardy Scotsman!)

Go team VeloCake!


al said...

That'll be Don doing an afternoons 300k Audax for a laugh!

Where was my invite to the ace sunday fun run? I was kicking about today as well.

Have i told you i know someone with an Awesome car!! I'll bring it round to show you when he gets it back from the car rebuilders.

Red Bike said...

It seems like a very long time since it's been warm enough for shorts, short sleeve tops.

VeloCake said...

we're in cornwall and don's scottish, it's practically tropical for him.

Al, where's you been?

al said...

I can't say where i've been, it's car related!!

All I know is J.M bought an off the peg fashion fixie,Ians shock broke and someone bought a flamin' YETI!
Note the big letters for the big decals.

I have turned my cake shop ss Kroozer into a HotRod.

And life's just ace!!

c u int' morn' lad. I may buy you a cake if I feel in that kind of mood. Hell!when do I not feel in a cake mood.

KatieCake said...

Al, does nothing get past you?

You can come see me shiney new bike if you wanna.... its boo'ti-ful!

al said...

I'd love too.

Get the choccy hobnobs out! I can't cast my eye over stuff without drinking tea n eating the odd biccy or nine!!

KatieCake said...

No choc hob-nobs here but we can arrange for dark choccie digestives or Hevva Buns.

You're welcome anytime. Just let us know when so I can get the biccies/buns in!

al said...

Hevvy cake would be 'ansome m luvva!

I'll get my people to call your people.

Aminthule said...

If you announce it, they will come!