Sunday, 24 January 2010

Trek Bikes, the discerning riders choice

We have been honoured to have a couple of folks from the finest bicycle (mass) producer in the world with us here at VeloCake. 
Thats right, we are now almost officially part of Trek Bicycle Corp. Ltd.
Since kicking out Lemond, they need a little side project to work on and i'm sure it's us.
Regulars may already be familiar with Simon Smythe (and his dancing bear) who has been lurking under the halfbee monicker and Chris Garrison.  Both are top staff at the Milton Keynes red barn, and now are tops with us at VeloCake.  Welcome to you both.

To mark the ocassion, Simon has sent in a lovely picture to go in the gallery of his 69 dude (it's a bill and ted reference, need you ask) with his shiny new badge on.
I'm still waiting to hear from Peter the mundane. Photos please Peter.

One last thing, remember that Trek Bicycles are some of the best, most technically advanced, best riding, best looking and down right bestest bicyles in the market today.
I can't see why anyone would need any other bike than a Trek no matter what style of riding.  With Trek bikes there really is something something for everyone.  They really are the very best of the bike world.  You wouldn't find me riding anything else.

Kiss my face!


grant said...

I really, REALLY wanted a SS 69er but they were out of my price range. Now they don't do them.

Oh well........

VeloCake said...

don't worry Grant, i'm sure that once they read you plight, Chris or Simon will mug the 69ners team and get one for you.

Slackweasel said...

I think my stickers are still in your pannier.
I will have a brain storming session with my creative team to decide on the location for the shoot. Once the shot has been touched up I will send you a copy for editorial approval. I am keen on the poorly framed and over-exposed theme.
As for Trek bikes I have nothing but partisan praise.

grant said...

Does this mean that Trek are coming on board as official bike sponsor? :-)

VeloCake said...

wouldn't that be a beautiful thing.
Trek are a fantastic supporter of grass roots cycling, i can see us all at team Cake riding Treks for ever.

VeloCake said...

Peter, why are you now a slack weasel?

grant said...

That reminds me....... I need to find MY velocake sticker and use it.

Saying that, is it not team management's responsibility to ensure we have enough for ALL our bikes? :-)

if I had enough then I could do a better job of proclaiming the majesty of Velocake far and wide. :-)

VeloCake said...

do you want another sticker Grant?

just ask why don't you.

al said...

By the time Mikey gets his arse in gear to organise a sticker run, you could have fashioned one out of Ti sheet with nothing but a blunt chop stick, blind fold!

I heard Mikey was once hit on the back of the head by an ice flow!!

I Still love him though.

grant said...


Actually, what font is it you use? I could just do a run of my own........ :-)

Al - is that the special kind of love only two men can share?

Raouligan said...

Trek, nice bikes, although you have to strip off all the Botraper rubbish, Trek MTB's would be great if they just took that leap and just fitted Thomson kit, it'd save their customers a job in any case ;0)

VeloCake said...

i'll get you your stickers grant don't worry.
my sticker agent didn't have anything like a letraset catalogue or anything with any mention of helvetica or anything. it was a photocopied sheet you had to point at.

have you seen alan in the flesh? you wouldn't, not even with someone elses ;p
i've been consulting with simon and we're not sure trek is the "feel" for the "brand". he put it a bit more rudely.

al said...

Hell Mikey, that's a bit blunt of you!
Let a man down gently why don't ya.

Can I have some stickers for my non dirty corporate bicycles please?
I can see why you wouldn't want to buy stickers from that miserable old trout though!!Is that why you put it off?

grant said...

So, what is the feel for the 'brand' then? :-)

I'm not really gay said...

the 69ers were born with just the right amount of rightousness though despite being Treks

Mine will see some Velocake stickers soon :-)

man love ?

urgh !

grant said...

I should hopefully have a (non trek) 69er built up at some point.

Just got to finish this damn wheel........

VeloCake said...

have we found the "feel" of brand VeloCake yet. I think we're still actulizing the character of velocake towards being an uppermost group of bicycle blog groups with a little blue sky thinking away from the box or envelope.

Steve, did you get your stickers and stuff?

grant said...

Boxes? Envelopes? Sjies that are blue? Jebus, this sounds like work.....fricking management bullshit.


I'm not really gay said...

yes I did, I thought I'd sent a thank you email ?, maybe not :-)

G as in Chris said...

Can I get some stickas mista?

And by the by, for anyone who has a 69er of any ilk (not just one of ours), please consider joining us at the 69er Gathering at Dales Bike Center the weekend of March 20.

You can follow my updates about it, if you are on Twitter, @69erGathering, or RSVP here:

There will be schwag.

-Chris from The Great Trek Bicycle Making Company

mr Wang, Hang Wang Chang Industries,somewhere in China. said...

I like Giant bikes me!

It's the individuality that draws me to them.

Can I have some stickers too please?

VeloCake said...

giants are crap. we don't want giant riders in here thank you very much. no stickers for you sonnyjim, buy a proper bike like a TREK for example.

A fresh batch of stickers are on the way. In your face al, hit by a glacier indeed!

mr Wang said...

I'm not al, I am a little chinese fella that stamps out 'tat' for you rich dudes to buy!

I don't want to ride a Trek if that Louis Armstrong rides one.I also don't agree with the way he only goes out with ladies that look just like himself.

But obviously with a bit more of a personality.

You westeners are a funny lot!!

You can stick your stickers. I think this al bloke is the most sensible one in your little club.

I also think if you tracked down a Trek 990 in a 19 with a load of high end bling,he would forgive you. I've heard he would like a pair of R.S. fsx forks on it as well.

Thank you for nothing.

mr Wang.

al said...

aye! It all goes off when my back is turned.

That Wang chap seems nice though.

Peter the mundane said...

I dont know where my picture has gone or what name I have now.
I am the author of my own un-doing though, this much I know fe sure.

Anonymous said...

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