Monday, 4 January 2010

Tod Cross, Belgy styleee

The frozen north

If you weren't there then you missed the opportunity to stand around for 5 hours in a snow covered field at temperatures ranging from -2 to -10, there was no facilities, no food no shelter no toilets, the sun soon dipped down, there was stares from the locals who were resentful that they couldn't let their hounds off the leash.

It were right shit.

er, no actually thats completely wrong.

It were reet brilliant, just like milk, best race of the season for me as a spectator.

From what I heard only one serious injury (unfortunately a broken ankle to the under 16's ladies national champ !) a fair few close calls but the course was generally very rideable after the cobbled climb was taken out due to the close proximity of next weekends national champs.

There was grommets with dugasts, there was oldies riding mountain bikes, there was Ben on an old sit up and beg, all sorts of folks bothered their arse's to get out and ride on what could be described as a FRICKING FREEZING day, put me to shame they did.

Despite the presence of "" there was a reluctance by the majority to take advantage of the Belgian beer hand ups providing race fuel, we even resorted to chip ups to try and entice the lower ranks to stop and enjoy the race from an easier place, Goon, Oli and Ant all took full advantage of the offerings but the rest of the field gave a poor showing.

And, if you look carefully beyond the beer and chip in the photo's above you'll see a potential velo caker riding by on each and every occasion, Tim didn't stop for either beer or chips, he'll have to do better to earn his jersey !


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Looks like a fun time! :)

VeloCake said...

welcome Steve, it's nice to have you along. You must have your "fun rating" set too high. what better way to spend the weekend.
Kershaw could be a good recruit, although he's seems to have changed. Has he gone all serious and that, refusing beer? maybe he didn't want the chip due to lack of mayo. keeping it authentic!

KatieCake said...

Looks ace! (And also very VERY cold!)

BTW Welcome to the admin side of VeloCake - i'm lovin' your use of Northern lingo. Makes me homesick! ;-)

al said...

Is serious bicycling the new can't be arsed!


And if so, where do i sign up!!

ps Any chips left?

Red Bike said...

CX in the snow.

I bet there were a few crahes in that. Looks great though.

grant said...

I'm rather jealous.

It makes me wish that there was something similar up here for this time of year, but we seem to hibernate from January to March.......

(And it's ver much MTB March - September, Cross October - December too)

Ah well.... :-)

VeloCake said...

Grant, consider yourself lucky, there's been nowt down here since the begining of december.

grant said...

The current poll on the SCX site is:

Should the CX season extend into January and February

Suffice to say I went for the emphatic YES option. :-)

VeloCake said...

shall we all bombard Marty with emails?

i'm going to ask swcx to keep going till boxing day.

G as in Chris said...

I was truly dismayed by the lack of beer and chip takers (my hand in the shot). Deano and I had no effect, despite our fantastic incentives to stop such as "You can't win the race, but you can win this beer," and "What Would The Belgians Do?". Harumph.

VeloCake said...

heeyy Chris. welcome back to funless britian.
you can't race bikes and drink beer! they're serious atheletes don'tcha know.

I've got a jersey for you if you still want it. i thought i'd get stolen by smythe if it got sent out early.