Saturday, 30 January 2010

Not Racing, Just Riding

A late start didn't bode well for my self appointed aim of riding a century a month, today was the last possible day for Jan to achieve this, however I'm of a mind to give myself some slack as the first two weeks of Jan were written off due to the weather, so I figure that two in Feb will pull me back on target.

Anyway, I did ride today, all the way to the sea, 52 mosty off road miles, down the TPT to Hale lighthouse, in the sunshine, against the wind going and slightly assisted on the way back, which was just as well because 4 crumpets and a cliff bar were not enough to prevent the dreaded bonk.

But it didn't matter, riding a bike that cost less than the clothing I was wearing meant that it shouldn't work, it did, even with a mystery puncture, it worked, sometimes just riding is enough.

Thats all.


VeloCake said...

A post with out any '80s hair metal. You should have got some Durutti Column in there just to balance things out. Well done on the Dew purchase, it's refreshing to see a humble bike bringing such happiness.

The sun behind the stem looks like it's straight out of 1970's California. Lovely!

grant said...

One post with an 80's hair metal reference and that's me tarred with that brush!!! :-)

Anyway, that's me all inspired. Thanks Steve, another ace wee bit of writing.

I'm not really gay said...

I've had it over a year now, in fact it might be two years as Leon built it for me, its heavy but lovely :-)

the sun/cali idea was what I was after, I'm currently writing apiece for the mag about our cali times, entitled ' a salsa bell from Mikey" :-)

VeloCake said...

OMG....(web speak) I'VE AN IDEA!!!

How about a 10 year on revisit to Downieville and surrounding area?

we can drink beer with Lynard Skynard,
drink coffee with Travis Brown, hang at Ferrentino's, get our chains doosted, at track down wild labradors!

who's in?

VeloCake said...

oh and i meant to say the "lighting" looks just like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" or the "i'd like to teach the world to sing" coke ad, OR.."islands in the sun" by Weezer.
low golden sunshine mmmm.

grant said...


That's tomorrow's playlist for the train ride home sorted.

al said...

I had Mikey down as an 'islands in the stream' kinda fella!!

Peter the mundane said...

So clean. It looks so clean. I went for a wee pootle today and it was sh*tier than the last time I went out which was... well, wet and muddy. Either it rained last night or the local aquifers are saturated.

al said...

Peter, Shouldn't you change your name to Peter the Random? ;)

VeloCake said...

more like "peter the what hell's he on about now"

al said...

What he needs to do is do what i do before posting.

Firstly have a clear direction in which his initial concept post idea is heading.

Make a draft copy as a shake down exercise, then a draft draft to make sure the Smelling is correct.

Then when he is happy with the completed rant,post on here and wait for the back lash!

Thats how i make my posts so relevant,topical and accurate!!

Thank you,


Peter the mundane said...

Oh no. Nil points. Thanks Al, but I don't think it's in me. If it's alright I will just lurk silently on the fringe. If I am patient,maybe I will be able to add something relevant.
Until then...

me said...

My car is......... AWESOME!!

That's all.

The Moderator said...

We don't won't your car related comments on here thank you.
This is for bicycle and cafe related conversation only. Anymore of that and your comments will be deleted.

Love, the moderator.

me again said...

my car is so, so, AWESOME!!

Up yours copper!

al said...

Yes looser!

Go and join Auto-bun blog or something.

We don't want your kind round here.

That'll learn him Mikey!