Saturday, 12 December 2009

This is The End....Beautiful Friends.....The End

Oh don't shed a tear just yet, it's not the end of VeloCake, god no! 
I'm quoting the dead lizard king because it's the end of the SouthWest Cyclocross season. 

Tomorrow we go heavy hearted to Plymouth after 3 months of sweat and toil.  There will be no celebrations, no ballons just a load of fools riding around in circles for an hour, then packing up and going home. 
mud tyres for plymouths worst
Tyres have been chosen one last time, chains and cables lubed ready for the final push.  Jerseys folded, race shoes cleaned all for one last hurrah, one last hour of tasting blood in your throat.

Jake the Snake has been transformed from his midweek gentile commuter back to a lean mean race machine also ready for his last race.  After this  it's mudguards are on for good.

So long old friend

To happier news, Tis the season to be and all that and I've had an idea

The VeloCake Online Xmas Party!!!!
Grab youself a Watney party six or maybe a nice cuppa (enjoy responsibly) and get online.  It'll either be on here or Twatter or maybe both. All will be welcome wether a racer, team member or passer by.  (not you though Bono, you ain't welcome).
So its decided then, Sunday 20th of December, sometime after tea.

See you all here.


Simon said...

I'm racing in North Wales on the 20th so I might fall asleep halfway through the party. You might have to give me a nudge.

grant said...

Simon in 'falling asleep at a party' shocker....

Al said...

4 fooks sake!

I go away on a Velocake vacation to sample the delights of Italian cafs on your behalfs, i come back and ickle mickey mullers mullroy Muldoon has posted freakin pages of blather!!
I can't read all that stuff,so would someone please paraphrase the last week in 20 words,please!

Yes Venice was ace and sunny and i bought new trainers and perfume and cake and ice cream and pizza.............

Al, home again to my womphy warm bed and a proper brew.

Simon said...

Welcome back Al!

The last week? I raced, Grant raced, mike has just raced, online party next sunday, belgium trip, pink bikes. Cake.

Al said...

Thanks Simon.

Just as i thought,some randomness!


As for 'Belgium trip'? Wouldn't Holland be a better bet for that kind of thing!

VeloCake said...

good to have you back alan, nice holiday? what boxfresh trainers d'you get?

Al said...

adidas Samba in Chocolate brown.

I could have kissed the assistant if fiona wasn't there at the time!

I think he may have enjoyed it too.

How is everything in the world of mikey?

VeloCake said...

its all gravey (as they say)i'm a winner
so have you turned now or are you just curious? i've often wondered.

Simon said...

Chocolate brown? So the same as the white ones you took to the 'cross race the other week then ;-)

Al said...

Yes you are curious!

I tryed to butter fiona up when we were away regarding the 'massive velo Benelux booze n bikes free for all boys get away weekender bender', she said no!!

although we are going to gay Paris in May. I tried!


Al said...

yes, just like those ones simon!!

Al, :-(