Sunday, 20 December 2009

Some much needed inspiration

Waking up to the pic below from fellow Velocaker Nicky finally shook me out of my riding malaise.

I didn't have an offroad bike in a useable state but a few minutes attacking the 'cross bike with allen keys, a pointy stick, a tyre lever and a pump soon had it ready to go. In this time it had started snowing quite heavily. OK, there was no chance of the perfect winter wonderland conditions seen above but it would surely be a million times better than ploughing through sticky mud!

Snowy Ride Dec 09

A few hundred yards from the house I pedalled past a car accident. Lots of damage to both cars, everyone seemed fine though so I carried on upwards. The reason I needed a tyre lever earlier was to fit my studded tyres. These are ace and I had plenty of traction, even overtaking a couple of cars on the descent between the reservoirs :)

Snowy Ride Dec 09

Snowy Ride Dec 09

Snowy Ride Dec 09

Heading offroad, traction became a bit less predictable. Underneath the inch or so of fresh powdery snow was sheet ice on top of uneven rocks - it wasn't going to be an easy ride. Managed to get up to the pike (pushing a bit, mainly riding though) but coming down wasn't going to be as straightforward. Had about 10 crashes, during one of which I managed to smash my ribs into a rock which brought tears to my eyes. Georges Lane was more of the same although I mainly remained upright.

Snowy Ride Dec 09

Heading up the Winter Hill access road the weather suddenly closed in. Soon I was in a whiteout and then there was a bright flash followed very shortly by a loud clap of thunder. Eek! Decided it was probably wise to start heading downhill rather than carrying on over the top and down into Belmont.

Snowy Ride Dec 09

Back down to Georges Lane, down Jon's 200 yards (great fun, gaining speed despite brakes being fully on, lots of sliding but no crashing) then back home via a few more snowy trails. Now full of food and painkillers and looking forward to tonight's Velocake party :)

(btw, this should have been a post about 'cross racing in N Wales but there was no bloody way I was driving in these conditions!)


VeloCake said...


all we've got is cold wind and blue skies, no sign of any white out

Simon said...

I'd have loved some blue skies to go with the sun.

Al said...

some great pics of the white stuff oop norf!

But i'm glad i could take the dogs on the beach in the sunshine, in our cornish paradise.


grant said...

Give me a monent to upload something.....

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Sweet ride! :)
You guys can have some of our's knocked out everything (power,water,etc) for at least the next week,and I'm stuck 70 miles +/- from my bikes (the worst part,LOL!). Great pics too,BTW.