Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Racing VeloCakes

Now that all the hoo haa has subsided after Simon's first post on VeloCake (well done, more of the same please) I thought it was time to get back to usual business with some of my own ramblings.

On Sunday, the south west divison of team Velocake, ventured to flooded Ashburton for the South Dartmoor cross. According to the local news, torrential rain on Saturday night flooded the town and people were getting rescued from car roofs by choppers, but it didn't stop the SWCX folks.

Ashburton is a good course.  OK, so it was set on the usual football pitch but it had many extra interesting bits.  Such, as twisty singletrack through some trees, tricky off camber climbs, steep banks to up and down and best of all an authentic Belgian sand bank section. it was just a long jump pit, but still, it was sandy and very deep.  On top of all this, it was wet. Nothing slows you down like a muddy grass field that has had six inches of rain on it the night before. The course was so wet and muddy that very few actually did a warm up lap. The majority used the car park to warm up.

So to the start; the flag dropped and everyone was stuck on the start line. (I say start line but it was more of a lake.) Most riders quickly gave up trying to pedal and pushed to the first corner and firmer ground. After that it was back to normal with the fast lot going straight off and everyone else following behind.

Those of us in the middle of the race lasted till half way before getting lapped (which was most welcome) and from then on in it was a case of picking up places as people flagged as their rear mechs got torn off under the weight of the clag. The best mechanical had to be the bloke whose saddle came of the rails on the first lap. Whether he was incredibly stupid or incredibly courageous he carried on and ran with his bike till the finish seven laps later. Chapeau!

One hour later and it was all over and everyone attempted to clean bikes and bodies in the overflowing gutter by the carpark. One nice touch was the mobile café2go barrista who’d brought his café van again. The big cup of espresso helped to return some feeling to numb extremities before the drive home.
We finished with a certain symmetry, John finished in 12th place in the vets and I was 12th in the seniors. We must be improving.

An honourable mention must go to Nick Wallis who entered the Leisure Lakes XC race on Sunday, racing in team colours.

If we all carry on with this racing business we’re going to have to register as a proper team. Come join us everyone. We will be awesome!


Simon said...

12th places, woohoo, well done Mike and John :)

And well done Nick! I did try to post a comment on your site t'other day but it threw up error messages so I gave up.

Anonymous said...

Mackeral Sky sat morning for drinks and CAKE(isn't that what its all about really).jm.

Simon said...

Oh and that course looks properly soul destroying! Bring back dry, dusty early season 'cross races!

I'd join you for Saturday morning drinks and CAKE John but it's a bit far to come :(

Nick said...

And no mention of my 'tache.

(it's *not* a beard!)

Simon said...

It looks like a beard Nick ;-)

KatieCake said...

Has Mackerel Sky re-opened now? More importantly, can I have a cake doggy-bag please?

VeloCake said...

yes it has and yes you can. do you want coffee in a bag?

Nick, it'sd on your chin, ergo its a beard or should that be goatee?

Al said...

Only real men have beards!

i would love to go to mackrel sky with yooz lot but i will be drinking proper coffee in venice.

Life stinks!!!

"Silver biiird"

Al,smugtown smugshire.

VeloCake said...

i knew simon would steal all the glory and get all the comments.

your loss Alan, your loss.