Wednesday, 25 November 2009

(Velo)Cakes Of The British Isles

I feel that we have really gone properly national what with Grant's racing in Dundee at the weekend, and it's given me a very small idea.  Please refer to the above title.
A Dundee cake recently.

So far I have  Dundee cake, Eccles, Chorley and Bakewell.  Feel free to join in.  Global suggestions are also welcome from the new worlds.


Al said...

New York cheese cake

Jamaica ginger cake

Viennese slice

black forest Gateau

Yorkshire pudding (sweet)

Pontyfract cake

Bon Bons! booooo,get off!!

Does Rock cake count?

Kendal mint cake.

Do you think i have time to waste on this kind of thing!

Al, Sad and alone,Cornwall

Al said...

Chelsea bun

You knew this would have me bloody thinking mikey, git!

VeloCake said...

oooo pontyfract cakes. forgot about that one. wait till barnesy turns up, he'll be like Delia on this.

Al said...

belgian bun

I know i'm cheating!!i've extended the uk search worldwide.

VeloCake said...

ooo ooo french fancies!

Al said...

I thought you would get the gayist of all the cakes!!

Well since the island of Fairy stopped cakey exports back in the late 80's

Al.You wouldn't know i make this stuff up would you.

VeloCake said...

D'you think anyone else will join in or is it just me and you.
Maybe we've got them all and everyone else has nothing!

grant said...

I think it's just the two of you. :-)

Al said...

Madeira cake.

just us two goons i think!!


Al said...

staffordshire oat cakes.


VeloCake said...

oatcakes aren't cakes. more of a potteries tortilla.

Anonymous said...

It's a cake and you eat it!!

It's not a cake of soap or owt.

Please send me a copy of the rules to....

Mr Anal F Barsteward
Argumentative Street
Numpty Town

Anonymous said...

Chorley Cakes

Anonymous said...

Bakewell tart

VeloCake said...

Alan, i've already got chorly cakes and bakewell tart.

VeloCake said...

how could I forget the national dish of err.. Manchester. the manchester tart!

(hangs head in shame as a mancunian)

Al said...

I've been stitched up!

Did you write Bakewell and Chorley so i would bite (no pun intended)

As for the Manchester tart, i'm even more ashamed of not getting it, as i have been a Mancunian for a good six months longer than you!!

Hang on aren't you from Trafford?

Just a spit away from the Trafford Rangers ground i thought.

You know the old saying 'fight fire with insults'


Old relic said...

How about -

Victoria Sandwich


Devon Splits

Belgian buns

Goosnargh Biscuits

VeloCake said...

where the heck is goosargh, and what are the biscuits like?