Sunday, 1 November 2009

Cake of the Week.

It's  been a quiet week on the bike side of things this week but that give me chance to catch up with the other goings on in the VeloCake world. So, a slight twist with this weeks cake of the week, all will be revealed in time, but allow me to introduce to you, the wonderful.....

Lancashire Cheese.

Racing hoo haa will continue again next week, but with added relish


Al said...

Yeah! must be Lancashire,it's got pigeon poop all over it!!

I'm having onion bagette with organic Scottish Cheddar and pickle for my tea.

Can't be bothered cooking tonight.

Buon appetito!


VeloCake said...

ooh sounds nice,
i was in lavenders yesterday and there was a whole ball/wheel of cheshire (as you're south of the mersey it'd be more you wouldn't it).
have you been practising your "hup hup hups" and cowbells ready for next weekend?

Simon said...

Oooo exciting!