Saturday, 10 October 2009

We Race Bicycles part II

Horwich C.C. have finally put up the results from last Sundays race,  so i can give you all the news you've been on the edge of various seating types waiting for.
At Leverhulme park in Bolton, VeloCake were in the thick of things of course. Simon did a belter of a ride, especially as his main competion was Nick Craig and Paul Oldham.  They must be getting sick of coming up against VeloCake, thats 2 weeks on the trot now. 
Whilst those two went for the win, Simon was 92nd  (It was out of 103 though) and 73rd too, thats clever. More importantly, he got his VeloCake jerseyed torso on camera and he's  poster boy-ed all over flickr.


Simon said...

103 finishers, some people dropped out! I had no idea that cyclocross fields would be so large!

No race for me tomorrow, the North West League race for this weekend was today. Don't they know that people work on Saturday?

VeloCake said...

103 is a huge amount, come to devon, they only have about 40 every race.

saturdays not a day to race....pffft!

grant said...

There were apparently 112 starters at the first Scottish round last weekend.

When I raced last year and the year before, there were 35-ish and 40-ish respectively.

Cross seems to be growing in popularity now....I just wish they'd run two separate races - fast feckers and mortals. The fields might be big enough now.

Simon said...

> .I just wish they'd run two separate races - fast feckers and mortals

Bollocks to that, I like the fact I can be in the same race as the likes of Nick Craig, Paul Oldham and Roy Hunt :)

Red Bike said...

I would love to be in the same race as Nick Craig, Paul Oldham and Roy Hunt too.

Sadly the only time I ever seem to be in 'their race' is when I get in their way part way through the race when they lap me!

VeloCake said...

At least you get to half way through.