Thursday, 1 October 2009

Scottish Cycle Clothing Loveliness

Endura make the best bike clothing (apparel for VeloCakers in the new world).
Obviously they were the first choice to go to for the VeloCake jerseys.  The rest of their clothing is fantastic, you all should buy more and more of it.

Why am I doing a big suck up to Endura, well I had a very nice surprise the other day.  I received a letter from Endura, ahhh must just be the confirmation of the order.  It was not, it was however a personally addressed letter apologising for the delay of the last lot. 

Not being ones to falate simply with worded apologies alone, they are a company of VeloCake loving do-ers.
So, they are doing everything on this order cheaper and on top of that, if it's any later, everythings a pound! no sorry, it's 50% off!


Simon said...

I hope it's really late! Will be a bargain then :)
We have tons of endura clothing in the shop now, it's top stuff. The new merino headwear is lovely.

VeloCake said...

hmm thats right simon, endura really do make some of the best clothing out there. And some of the best priced too.


Al. said...

Damn fine chaps and chapettes!

It's nice in these days of having ones trousers pulled down and having a right royal shafting,that there are good honest people in business too!!

It's also reasuring to know that the only trouser pulling down will be done by my uncle Nobby.Thats the uncle with the buttons missing off his rain coat!!


VeloCake said...

have you come back from the dark satanic mills of wilmslow then Al?

Al said...

Yes,i've been slumming it!

Rocketdog said...

is this why you won't tell me how much i owe?

arrived today, lovely!