Saturday, 24 October 2009

Now We Are One.

So, this post may be a couple of weeks late as it should have been done at the beginning of October, but if you're reading this on a Saturday night, raise you glass and doth t'cap to VeloCake, for we are ONE.

Twelve months or so ago four of us were stood around in a bicycle shop workshop, air thick with GT85 and steam from the ever boiling kettle, when we brainstormed outside the envelope with some blue sky thinking.

From all of this VeloCake was born.

Now look at us all, many friends and oddly as many strangers, have all signed up for this lifestyle choice in one form or another.  What started off as a piss-take between four fools in Penzance has blundered its way across the globe, like a  drunken collossus, or an angry Godzilla wired off his face on nuclear electricity gathering up stragglers left right and centre.

I really am astounded as to how "popular" this has become, and also very flattered.  Without wanting to butt-kiss too much, I couldn't have done it without all you beautiful people who read, race, ride, brew up and buy jerseys for VeloCake.  This isn't just me though, VeloCake is all of us.

...There,  that's my Halle Berry moment over, I love you all.


Simon said...

Happy Birthday us!

KatieCake said...

If I'd have known, i'd have baked a cake!

grant said...

Happy birthday!!

(And, what's this in a jiffy bag here? :-) )

Al said...

Happy Birthday fellow Velocakerteers.

Long live coffee,cakes,blogs and bikes.


Bruce said...

happy birthday!

marcobz said...

Where's the presents?

More importantly where's my cake?!!

Did I miss the party? :)