Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I've Forgotten the Cakes.

It can't be all race race velo velo all the time. This is VeloCake after all.
So here's a picture of a cafe scene just to remind us all.

Before I forgot, for those who don't haul round peoples blogs, well done to Simon who raced his way to 72nd out of 99 (approx).
Go team!

Simon in Euro pro race mode.

 Nicks idea


I'm not really gay said...

your blog redecoration matches mine :-)

Simon said...

He didn't mean that pic Mike, he meant the other one :)

Mmmm cake

Simon said...

Oh and I bought jam doughnuts for people to eat after the race as well

VeloCake said...

I've always looked to you for inspiration Steve.

Simon. yeah, but you look like you're trying more, or suffering, whichever.

VeloCake said...

ooh it does doesn't Steve, I'd just thought i'd change to orange to red. team colours and all that. the greys for winter.

great minds eh?