Monday, 5 October 2009

Hot Crossed Action.

A busy October Sunday had many of the 'Cake race team in action a various locations around this green and pleasant isle. 
Due to slack organisers not all the results are in yet, but i have found a photo of VeloCake poster boy Simon (he has nice eyes apparently).


Red Bike said...

That corner looks very familiar. Bolton?

VeloCake said...

indeed it is leverhulme park.

am i right in thinking you're of the female kind? were you not dazzled by our Simon? most women go week at the knees around him.
(i'll be in trouble when he reads this!)

Simon said...

Mike, I'm pretty sure Red Bike is a bloke called Jon :)

VeloCake said...

just flutter those big eyes of yours, i'm sure noone could resist

(if you're wondering why this is going on, maybe look to certain female members of cheeky, they all talk about you)

Al said...

I'm thinking it's not just the ladeez with a soft spot for Simon!!


ps 'Curry thursday' with the Velocakes Massive is a goer!!

VeloCake said...

when are horwich cc going to sort the results out?

Simon said...

Buggered if I know :(

Want to see if I did actually manage to beat anyone :)

Simon said...

The draft results have me finishing a fantastic 92nd out of 103 riders :)