Friday, 18 September 2009


No thats not a new channel 5 programme, but a warning to all of us out there on bikes.
Badgers are not only out there giving cows (and John) consumption. Now they're attacking innocent bike riders.
VeloCaker Nick the post was taken out this morning in a vicious attack by a particularly angry badger which shot out from a hedge and ambushed him.
He suffered very heavy bruising and abrasions to his arse which nobody wanted to see.

In an uncanny coincidence, Simon from Trek bicycle corp. ltd (purveyors of the finest bicycles) sent this worrying picture of a highly mobile badger after mugging one of the Trek 69ers of their bike. The badger then came back around, laughing at the boys from Trek bicycle corp. ltd.

Beware the badgers, and be safe out there.

..Hmmmmm Trek VeloCake or VeloCake Trek, it's kind of catchy.


Simon said...

At least it means I'm not the only velocaker to crash today!

Al said...

Do badgers have stipey nadgers?

i have been having a run in with a huge badger in the mornings when i take the dogs out.

i've had to wrestle it to the floor on more than one occasion.

but then i am a ruffty tuffty northener.

Get well soon Nicklious, you may miss the 'jolly' called a strike, down the post office.

what happend to you Simon? Ya didn't get accosted by a stoat did ya!!

Brother, Al.

Simon said...

Nope, I got attacked by a roundabout!

Al said...

pesky bloody things!

jumped out on you did it?


VeloCake said...

i heard it was a case of cobblers children get the worst cleats, or something like that

Al said...

cleat slippage is the new nipple slippage,Although far more embarressing!


Tom said...

Finally some sticker and cake action from me.

VeloCake said...

good job! Tom, a lovely picture.