Sunday, 6 September 2009

Saturday Cafe Run

We went a bit curveball this week and kind of slummed it by visiting the cafe on platform one of Penzance train station.

Now without a Starbucks or Costa on the station you'd probally expect a poor version of a greasey spoon without the grease. However Penzance station has done its self proud.

Despite the cafe looking like a tiled public conveince the place did have a certain charm. More importantly the coffee was bloody good, with a proper espresso machine behind the counter and a large pot of filter coffee next to it, so the was plenty of choice.
Another cool thing was the miniture railway running around the ceiling just incase you forget where you are.
One of the joys of public transport is the people that use it, a whole cournucopia of human life passed by whilst we supped on espresso. A female impersonator looking like Eddie Izzard, with calves like Abdu. A hen party heading to Plymouth at 08:00 hrs complete with penis deelee boppers and the usual bunch of gobshite chavs with mouths as loud as their sportswear.
On a more positive note we welcomed with open arms to his first VeloCake caff, Ian on his week old Trek District which glided like a hover bike onto the platform. (it's a belt drive)


Al said...

Mikey,painting pictures with words again.

On this occasion i wish you hadn't.
I've been trying to blank out the image of the Eddy Izzard 'lady'!!

But those calf muscles were very impressive.

Also a big up to Bunny Warren for making the effort. Maybe the start of a regular Velocake run?


VeloCake said...

thank you Alan, it's good to know someone's out there reading this
(even if it is just you :) )
Those rims are very stand outish aren't they.

A more interesting note, have you noticed that Nick and Rob are both now sign up official followers? that makes twenty four, twenty four!
Nick's even been to Pz too.

Welcome both of you.