Friday, 18 September 2009

Pirate Day

For those of you that don't know, tomorrow, Saturday 19th, is international Pirate Day!

Obviously it's not the very real Somalian type hijacking pirates, more the lovable cheeky rogue type a la Pugwash.

If you're a VeloCaker up in the big smokes - in those dark satanic mills and hubs of industry that don't have the romance of sea faring folk in your blood, you may not appreciate just what a big deal Pirate Day is down here in Penzance.
The town centre comes alive, skull and crossbones are hoisted above every shopfront, main braces are spliced and everyones a Jack Sparrow.
It's not all timber shivering, Yo Ho Ho's and bottles of Rum, that happens every weekend here.
No, think more comic operetta and Gilbert and Sullivan.
For every drunken salty sea dog with an eye patch on street corners, on the other side of the road there's a group of unhappy police and a model of a modern major general in every window.

We are a cultured lot down here.

One parting note, "Why are pirates pirates?" "Because they AAAAArrrrrrr"
By the way, the Saturday cafe run will be to Le sud du france if the sun's out, green bean if it wet.


Simon said...

Shiver me timbers!

How do you manage a Saturday cafe run? Do you not work on Saturdays?

grant said...

I had my own little celebration.

Aaaar, and all that.

VeloCake said...

08:00 hrs cafe and buns before work.
as you may have gathered already, Penzance has many quality cafes, and they're all very handy for the shop.

got to go, it's my turn in the chorus!

Al said...

I didn't make the caf run this morning, Sorry Mikey!!

I was polishing my sword.


VeloCake said...

pphhaarr pphhaarr.

don't you polish it most mornings?

Simon said...

> 08:00 hrs cafe and buns before work.

Great idea :)

VeloCake said...

where would you go in Alty Simon?
Terry's would be shut, suppose starbcuks is in sainsburys but it not very "real" is it.

would you take a stella soaked svenson with you, i didn't think he knew 08:00 on saturdays!

Simon said...

No idea Mike. Leon always used to turn up riding along drinking costa coffee I think. I just get to work and drink a load of rego - 30 mile e/w commutes need proper fuelling!

I don't think Steve is aware that 8am exists on any day!

VeloCake said...

do you still have the coffee machine on the fridge?

we always used that on weekend mornings.

Simon said...

No, I think that went. Anyway, tea is far nicer than coffee.

grant said...

No, I think that went. Anyway, tea is far nicer than coffee.


Coffee is king. :-)