Thursday, 3 September 2009

Last Call for Jerseys.

Pay attention at the back.
As I think all the applications are now in from you lot, I have drawn up a short list for who wants what.
Say yes Sir, when you hear your name.
Simon: roubaix jacket sz lg

Gary rocketdog: Short sleeved xl

Raoul : long sleeved jersey lg and buff

Nicky : Short sleeved wmns sml

Andrew McPherson: long sleeved and gillet

Jonathon: short sleeved med

Mr Fisk: short sleeved lg
Nick: short sleeved md and buff

Grant: short sleeved xxl

Chris Garrison: short sleeved (but what size Chris?)

and finally don't worry Mr Gorman, I have your order also.

Any more for any more then let me know quicksticks as the natives are getting restless, and it'd be nice to get them before christmas.
I forgot to remind those of us living in the sub tropical south, that wife beaters are available as are buffs for those preparing for winter in the frozen norths.


Al said...

Could i have a couple of pounds please?

eeh! ya can't beat them with a knob of butter.


VeloCake said...

that doesn't make any sense.
what do you mean?
how are the bonty shoes, does the cat still like 'em?

Al said...

Makes perfect sense to me.

The dog has burried one in the garden. Apart from that i am very pleased with them and highly recommend them to all.

Does everyone have to write in this little box now?


ps They don't make good mashers!

VeloCake said...

would you prefer the older way?
whats your order anyway?

VeloCake said...

there is that better?

Al said...

That's cool Mikey.

I don't have a clothing order but would really like some tatties!


Simon said...

Can I have a buff please Michael?

VeloCake said...

of course Simon, consider it added

I'm not really gay said...

Mikey, I'm not ignoring you, been a bit distracted of late, no new clothing required just yet

hopefully I'll be seeing you in the new year

VeloCake said...

aah nice to have you back papa. do you have plans for the new year?

Rocketdog said...

xxl would be better for me!