Monday, 28 September 2009

Cross in the Dark

The first proper 'cross race of the season was on Saturday night and naturally VeloCake were there and showing the opposition a clean pair of heals.

It was an interesting event completely in the dark around the NPS course that had also had the mtb race there in the afternoon.
The seniors field had the likes of Paul Oldham from Hope, some pro from the Sports Beans team and Adrian Timmis.  As well the as those "pros" in the field, the race also had Paul Davis from the V.C. Moulin who had come down to the south west to race against our John. What with Grant racing this season in the Scottish cross league, this could be the start of friendly rivalry. 
Unfortunatly for John there were 4 places difference between them, but he was noble in defeat and gallantly brought up the rear in 30th spot. (at least he finished).

There are a few more photographs and results from the event on British Cycling. crossy photos


Simon said...

Did you race Mike?

I was hoping to race this coming Sunday but my ankle is still buggered from my crash so might have to give it a miss.

Red Bike said...

Cross in the dark. Blimey, I struggle enough in the light.

'Ard Norven Al said...

Friendly rivalry!!

Crush them, grind them into the dirt,win at all costs.

Eat, breathe, live Velocake.


Anyone for a fondent fancie?


VeloCake said...

save yourself Simon, make that first race go with a bang. remember, 2nd to last is like 1st looser or something like that.

welcome Redbike, thanks for dropping by.

Alan, your new name looks a bit Nordic and Vikingy and I like it!

grant said...


"What with Grant racing some of this season in the Scottish cross league"


VeloCake said...

c'mon Grant, grow a pair!

you're a winner! and awesome and that stuff

grant said...

Couldn't make today due to other commitments (the old man only turns 65 once....) and there's only three other east coast rounds.

I'm definitely doing two (one of which is the nat champs) and maybe the third.

I may be awesome, but I'm also carrying an injury. Kind of. :-)