Sunday, 2 August 2009

VeloCake Star Spotting

Just to liven things up a bit and make everything a bit less "this bike ride, this cafe, this cake". I decided to take a bit of a different track and follow the example of Heat magazine and do some papping (I believe they call it).

Obviously, in the westest spot in the country we don't get much celeb action, so I've been recruiting back up north, and what a winner we've got.

Hot from the classified ads page of the Timperley Gazzette and with his Newsround young reporters badge on, may I introduce James Kay. James has had many years practice at stalking, so is ideally suited to his new assignment.

This weekend he is travelling to the metropolis of Manchester to meet/stalk the "however many times World/Olympic champion" Victoria Pendleton. TAH-DAH!!

Hopefully he will be successful and get an interview and a photographs of Ms. Pendleton wearing a VeloCake jersey. The photographs may be a bit tricky as she seems to like to be photographed with less rather than more.
So he is going to spend the weekend glued behind her saddle like the sexpest he is, just for VeloCake.

Godspeed JamesKay!


VeloCake said...

whats wrong with you people?
i spent frickin' hours doing this, and 24 hours later still no ones said anything. Jesus h christ it's this best thing i've done in ages...screw you all.

wheres alan when you need him, i'll never mook him again.

Simon said...

I'm still waiting for the interview and pics :)

VeloCake said...

it's that james, he's a slack arse

Al said...

I'm back!!

Been away from the scene for a day or two just to see how normal people are,the're rubbish!!

Back now my little blogtastic chumette.

Love what you've done with the place.

See you reel soon.

Al, Still off me chump,but not in a violent way.