Tuesday, 25 August 2009

VeloCake at singlespeed uk

I don't like to rush things, back in June there was the U.K. singlespeed champs.
Word on the street has it that it was an absolutely brilliant event and the organisation
and running of the whole weekend was also brilliant by brilliant people.
A couple of our brethren attended and took this lovely picture at the start of the race.


Al said...

Good work all!

finger on the pulse Mikey.


ps come round to my house and show me how to use my computer, you tart!

grant said...

I probably heckled them whilst marshalling.

I think I heckled most riders.....

VeloCake said...

cutting edge and sharp are my middle names.

i must be starting to do stuff dreckly.

marcobz said...

Sounds like proper brilliant!!

To be cutting edge though don't you need to be like Mr W and go belt drive single speed!! :)

Al said...

i'm miffed i have to wait til tuesday to see bunny warrens new ride!

Still old VW's need love too.


Al said...

i'm back!!


And my old snotter only broke down twice,result.

I make no apology for talking cars on a bike 'n' cake blog.
i make my own entertainment on here. You may have noticed?

ol' big gob!