Wednesday, 5 August 2009


So, picture the scene.... an evening spent in the local hostelry sampling their finest and we started chewin' the fat about bikes, coffee and patisseries. Then it came to me like a bolt of blue streak lightening. Lets turn this cake and velo world oops up side your head and go super official.

Non of this .blogspot.hanging on other peoples coat tails nonsense lets get a proper name.
Dam it, if Barham can do it then so can I.

On returning home i cracked open a bottle and put on some early Clifford Brown daddyohh and payed the man. A few simple numbers was all it took and before you knows it we is part of the

Maybe I'm going to hell on a bicycle but something small has happened here. You're all gonna have to retune your browsers now to

If this doesn't get us a free bike from someone I don't know what will!

Let me spell it out:

Oh 'eck we're gonna need new jerseys.


C. Corolli said...

Wow! it's all happening.

I have been following your blog for a while, and have seen your troubles getting a pair of cyclocross bikes.

I am willing to donate two bikes for your grass roots racing team.

Please contacting me at...

Billy Smart
the big top
A field near you

ps I believe j.Morse has had some clown trowsers donated already.

All the best,

Mr Chalie Corolli, head clown, B. Smarts ltd.

Al said...

Thats such a fantastic offer from Mr Corolli.

I was wondering if he would let me borrow his fire engine for a stage play of The towering inferno i am working on.

Although i must make sure that doors are fixed and the buckets have water rather than confetti!!


Tom said...

But it's the same! I want my money back.

Kitty said...

You foo'. You've sold out! I thought you were all about the little people!

Hehehe! Just kiddin'! ;)

It's great news and makes VeloCake easier to find on the www.

VeloCake said...

Tom, of course its the same. Its still me writing this rubbish.
I can't chamge that.
kitty, I ain't no foo and i'm not going in a plane, and i'm not drinking any milk



Al said...