Sunday, 30 August 2009

Dave Gorman meets VeloCake

We now have a celebrity following (if he ever reads it!).

Leading comedian/author/broadcaster Dave Gorman today set off on his round-about end to end comedy tour of the UK and representatives of VeloCake were invited along to the official depart of his grand tour.

As the only Cornish reporters of the start of his venture we chatted with Dave before his departure and mingled with his fans for their reaction. He bravely set off in the foulest of Cornish weather with cloud shrouding the way, wind that could knock the moss off a Cornish wall and rain that enveloped like a damp blanket... yet he still had a smile on his face for his dedicated fans.

Following behind, on the A3083, in the yellow support vehicle we also managed to get a few action shots... but unforunatly the combined speed of Dave's legs and our team car - and the inadequacies of the Junior photographer, who was more interested in shouting encouraging words - the photo's were more than a tad blurred!


Al said...

top work Mikey!

may i wish Dave all the best for the journey ahead and i hope the tour isn't too nackering!


VeloCake said...

his beard was good - you should check it out. maybe pick up a few pointers.

Al said...


I do like a well groomed chin.

As well as other areas!


ps looking forward to my new shoe fitting today, toodle pip.

Simon said...

Looks like he's still going well. How come you didn't ride the first leg with him Mikey?