Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Welcome new friends from across the world wide web

There are now 19, well 18 not including me, people around the world that call this place home.

19 people tune in for this crap to hear the underwhelming adventures of VeloCake and read the ramblings of a 42 year old who talks to himself all the time in the comments area (Alan). And thats the ones i know about, nevermind you lot of commitmentaphobes who just float by, dip in then float off again.
Anyhows, welcome to Nick and tonysemail42, you're among friends here.

I should add a small note about the success of the VeloCake performance sports apparel.
I thank you all again for making the dream come true, and for all of you who failed to dream I feel sorry for you, i really do.
However, another 7 requests for items of clothing and I'll order more from the wee kilty makers so you to can dream the dream, or maybe get some for relatives or friends. Christmas is a coming.
You've all put some very interesting photographs of yourselves and pets around the internet which can all help them demand and err spread the word.

Remember the word. No not Terry Christian, the word that riding bikes is good clean fun and doesn't have to involve spewing up your splean to win. It's riding bikes and stopping for a brew and a cakey, to enjoy the scenery and having a nice time.
That, that is VeloCake my people. Hallejujah!


Mr Jumper said...

Dear Velocake,

How do i contact you with interesting musings and funny bike related pics?

I am gagging to get involved in this huge cakey revolution!

I would also like to say that i think that Al seems to be an ace man.
And that Northern Lass would be silly to miss the opportunity to find out what he keeps in his saddle pouch.

Thank you,

Jason Jumper of Cardigan.

Nicky said...

Well I sincerely regret not asking for a top now I've seen them cos they're really rather lush.

So consider this a request for a short-sleeved top for the as and when. I guess girly fit would complicate the order but do you reckon a small would accommodate generous hips?

I'm not really gay said...

Gillet like the scoittish CX one please

VeloCake said...

For those of you who didn't realise I've got tour de france fever at the mo and that was a historic quote from my favourite cycler and personal hero, Lance Armswrong. For all you dreamers.

The clothing range is indeed lush and also great value for money too. Ideal gifts for the non bike rider also!

Steve, do you want a gillet the same as the scoitish (?) cx or a VeloCake version?

Simon said...

Velocake gillet would be good. And if you do any more jerseys can you make the zip a bit (lot) longer please?

VeloCake said...

is nothing ever right for you simon? fine you can have a longer zip so your chest rug can hang out.

Simon said...

Thank you Mikey. I love you.

VeloCake said...

if you love me that much, send me money :)

Simon said...

Money with you in a couple of days or so :)

VeloCake said...

don't worry i wasn't being nasty to you, as and when.
what new items would you like to order?

Simon said...

> what new items would you like to order?

No idea. I will have a think about it.