Tuesday, 28 July 2009

VeloCake Sportive

The first VeloCake Sportive happened this Sunday and what a great success it was.
Not only was there a great turn out, but the pay as you ride 0845 local rate directions worked like a treat and raised a great amount towards the communal coffers.
Despite really bad weather, constant rain and high winds the gallant few set of at 10 Sunday morning. After the neutralised first few miles the ride began properly with the climb of the col du roc noir, once over the top and shrouded in heavy cloud riders plummeted down the descent into Farms Common. After a few rolling miles across the Wendron plateau, the ride continued with the tricky descent to Lower town, made even more tricky by the river of water in the road. The roads then turned skywards again with the Alpe d'Coverack and followed once again with another tricky descent. The pace then stepped up and the route took riders into Sithney and the welcome food stop of Sithney tea rooms.

The only disappointment here was the non running of the toy trains outside which had been cancelled due to bad weather. Several pots of tea and large slices and a half later it was back out into this worst of it and the final leg which took in Mount Godolphin, several more rolling miles and a final climb of the col du pompieres out of Marazion.
Black socks, black shoes!

Well done to all that took part and thanks to everybody behind the scenes that helped make a great days riding.
Unfortunately the pictures are limited as the rain screwed the camera, and to those who didn't show, we know who you are and you cards have been marked


Mr L. Frank said...

you paint a vivid picture.

I am only sorry i couldn't make your ride on account that...

A, i didn't want to get out of bed

B, i didn't want to be wet

C, i didn't want to get all mucky

would it be possible next time rather than arrange a ride, arrange some better weather?

All the best,

little frank Sidebottom, Timperley.

VeloCake said...

the rain does play havoc with paper mache doesn't it.
you know it does, it really does.


Big Frank said...

Aye little Frank! what are you doing on here?

You should be working on making models of fish for my new tele' show.

Dear oh dear!! I'm goin' to have to do it as usual.

Now where did i put my big shorts?

Bye Bye from big Frank,it's been a pleasure volocake, oh yes it has it really haaaaas!

I thank yo'

Al said...

Is it the bloody rain?

These people should be outside playing footy in Wivvy park, not using valuable space on everyones favourite blog.



Big Al said...

I've been wondering just what size helmet Frank would need?

Sure as hell bigger than a 56cm!

I would think he has the same problem i've found when looking to buy 'Bill grundies'?