Monday, 20 July 2009

VeloCake Racing

It seems that the VeloCake effect is spreading far and wide and the race team side is no exception.
Simon stepped up last week and flew the flag in the Altrincham Seamons club 8.62 mile time trial.
Rocking a time of 23.26 in his VeloCake jersey and "go much faster" white roadie shoes.
The only downside to his mind blowing performance was the typical roadie in suits didn't reconise VeloCake and he was unattached. Just 'cause we're not in the RTTC. pffffft.

Simon in mid race panda portrait


Simon said...

How much does it cost to get rttc accreditation?

I might race again tomorrow night. This time I won't be hindered by a completely unfamiliar bike (Wilier Cento Uno with super record 11) so I might even go faster. Unless it rains, in which case I'll be found at home drinking beer :)

VeloCake said...

screw those blazer wearers.
you should have gone really fast with it turned up to 11.

Al said...


About time someone other than myself stepped up to the plate!


bikemonkey83 said...

It may be cheaper and easier to change your name to Mr Velo Cake.

Or Senor Bicicleta Torta.

VeloCake said...

Ahh James...your time spent with the mexicans has stood you in good stead.


Simon said...

I let the side down this evening. Felt bloody awful the whole way round, nearly sat up and gave up at halfway. About 1m20s slower than last week!

Al said...

1.20 SLOWER!

Did you start the pre-race warm up with a nice slice of cream cake and a big mug of coffee?

Al,here to help.

Simon said...

I didn't, but my chest is sore this morning so I suspect I'm coming down with pig flu.

Tom said...

Best stay off work then.

Does this not prove that your new bike is shit compared to the Willier?


Anonymous said...


I assumed he must have hopped round!!

Simon said...

I'm not sure I can hop at 21mph!

After 3 events I'm considering retirement :)

VeloCake said...

you can't retire.
we were joining the rttc just for you!

Simon said...

I'll see how I'm feeling next week.