Friday, 10 July 2009

VeloCake Breaks Away

.It's the grand tour time of the year, so as a warm up to the VeloCake Weekender on the 26th-2nd this Saturday we will be holding an exclusive screening of the 1979 US cycling classic, Breaking Away. The film is being shown in association with VeloCake, just one of the attractions at an after party for ‘The Little Indy 500’, an evening of racing being held at Penzance Middle School. The school’s alumni, interestingly, includes a certain Alan Neal, VeloCake's newly crowned National Road Race Champion.
Following this, there's American Flyers for all the people who like their bike riders to wear moustaches.
Bring your own drinks, cor
kage charges will apply. Popcorn facilities available, bring your own corns


Al said...


Will i need to bring my road race crown?

Between films I am planning on a short slide show and a master class in the art of winning.

A short inteval followed by training techniques, short Autograph session and baby blessing.

Al, Road race champeen.

VeloCake said...

it's hard to know where you end and kevin costner begins

Anonymous said...

My bank account!