Friday, 24 July 2009

VeloCake Big Weekender Bikefest Week

Well, its finally arrived. Sunday sees the start of the bikefest week with the VeloCake pay as you go sportive for all you roadies.
The route is still a bit hush hush for legal reasons and rolling road closures, but you will all be notified of the route as you ride by phoning a convenient 0845 local rate number whilst you ride.
Discounts will apply to those in immaculately turned out euro pro style with white socks and or shoes scoring highly.
The roll out is at 10:00hrs from the pub at Leedstown.
Arrivee early for sign on and number handing out etc etc

1 comment:

kitty said...

Pfft! ... What am I meant to do? Bake a cake? Yeah actually, maybe I will - but it's not for boys in white socks or shoes. ;-)
I'll meet ya with it at the finish line!