Monday, 13 July 2009

VeloCake Big Weekender Bikefest Week

It's on!
Everything is falling into place nicely now.
For you roadies the VeloCake pay as go sportive is on Sunday 26th July. A challenging yet enjoyable roll through the Cornish countryside and taking in some of the best cafes in the area of course.
A week of other stuff will be going on and the big finalle is the following Sunday the 2nd, with the off road enduro, weaving along some of the best singletrack and cliff top routes around. Again the route has been designed to take in the areas bestest cafes.


Simon said...

Sounds ace.

VeloCake said...

it bloomin' will be. you should come down.

Simon said...

Wish I could Mikey, otherwise engaged though. Definitely need to head down to Cornwall sometime, it's looking like it won't be until next year though unfortunately.