Sunday, 12 July 2009

Todays Post.

Right, i'm doing my best to stick something on here everyday this week, due to some people complaining there's not enough going on.
Anyway, today i didn't ride my bike. Not one bit, at all.
But what i did do was to make a proper croissant after the disapointment of yesterdays effort. So here it is. Yes that is a Barry Fisher mug, he invented coffee, cakes and mountain bikes don't cha know!


Simon said...

Ace. Can we have the recipe please?

I didn't ride today either. I did make a lemon drizzle cake though. I'm getting fat.

VeloCake said...

do you have a pen at the ready?
Firstly, take the coffee out of the fridge and allow to come to room temperature, in this instance it was Lavazza.
Oh..there should really be some Santana music on now.
take the croissant and pain au chocolat from the bread bin. remove from packaging, of course the oven is pre heated to 160'c gas mark 4, then, and this is the clever bit, turn the oven off, the place the patisserie on to a baking tray(preferably non stick.)
Next, place your favourite cup under the espresso machine and turn on. By the time the coffee has espressed remove the patisserie from the warm oven.
Place on plate, sit at table, or outdoors if weather is good and drink coffee and eat croissant.
As a flavour enhancement, add a little butter or you favourite jam.

Simon said...

Oh I thought you'd actually made them yourself :)

T.Ritchey said...

Nice to see a daily post.

Lets face it you've got nut'n else on, have you?

Could i make one sugestion?

Loose that fooking mug!!

Nobody wants to see a Barry Fisher
mug,especially when trying to digest their breakfast.

T.Ritchey, Californee i a.

Tom said...

They look like Sainsburys Croissants!

VeloCake said...

more like netto

Al said...


Blimey, we could have a game of 11 aside. Can i be in goal?

No,it's not cos i am lazy, just a world class goalkeeper!!

Al,having to blow my own trumpet, Cornwall.

ps, That's not a euphemism.

Anonymous said...

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Simon said...

Oh joy, spam.