Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Saturday A.M. Cafe Run

Despite the plain bloody awful weather this morning, even here in sub-tropical Cornwall. The VeloCake coffee machine rolled into town for the regular Saturday morning visit.

Weather, it's the middle of July, the last few rides i've done, i've put on sun lotion but this morning I slightly anxiously fitted an LED on the back of jake the snake. (motorists are arseholes).

So we met at the cafe that shall not be named, just because it opens at 08:00. The good news was that it was completely empty but for an old man and his dog (a black labrador pup,as you asked) so we ordered a couple of buckets of coffee which were actually ok, and a limp croissant that was nuked in the microwave. Still generally ok-ish.
photographic records were made and as soon as i find a USB wire for the snappy I'll show you all. I think it's in the loft, i've been through the cupboard of phone chargers, ipod chargers, headphones, lupine batteries etc etc but it wasn't there. Funnily enough the lead for the slr to video jack was, but not the usb. oh well I know why, the pc has a flash card socket so i always use that, but the new laptop doesn't have one and needs the usb. i rambling?

Anyway John tried to take the tray back to the counter whilst skidding on his cleats and then dropped the knife, teaspoon and little pot of butter.
The fat man in a shell suit didn't laugh at all. Alan didn't show, it was raining.
i've found the wire, so here's the photographs.
coffee of shame limp croissant

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Al said...


I laugh in the face of rain!

Then turn over in my warm bed and go back to sleep.

What Velocake fails to tell, is the fact i was in Yeovilton watching old aircraft not fly in the rain!!

Al, One of the unfaithfull.