Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hand Me My Snipers Rifle

Sometimes you're just unlucky and miss out on opportunities due to what ever reason beyond your own control.
Last week at the start of some bike thing happening in France there was one such occasion.
Look at that smug get with his black panther salute. Salute the cross hairs right between the eyes Bongo.
Image the world after two quick squeezes of the trigger. Beautiful.


Al said...

It's at times like these you hope that you have more than one bullet in the gun!

Q. If you did have just the single bullet,which of this pair would you use it on?

A. Armstrong, cos he would be harder to chase down and bludgeon to death with the but end!!

Al.and relax.

Simon said...

You could stand to the side of them and use just one high powered bullet :)

Charlie boy! said...

Velocake, did you google (Huge pair of tits) to find that pic?

It's not fair, all i get is pictures of naked ladies!!

HRH Prince Charles.

Al said...

Simon, you would need more than a high powered riffle to get through their great fat swollen mellons!!

Oh hang on, i'm back on the google search again!!


VeloCake said...

it would have to be Bongo, much as i don't like armswrong bongo must have done far worse things to more people across the world

Al said...

I think ya rite!

What harm can an ageing Yankie Astronaught do now?

tell ya what though,Velocake is atracting the wrong sort! That Charlie fella sounds like a wrong'n to me?

Al,Somewhere else.

Me said...


Me again,is Velocake going to come round to mine and help me figure out how to work out my new camera and how to post hilarious pic's on here?

Al, laugh? i nearly got the beers in!!

VeloCake said...

i'm not going to Tredavoe, i'll get out alive

Al said...

I doubt you will!


Simon said...

Hey, what happened to the daily posts? I'm bored.

Al said...

Me too!

Come on Mikey, pull your finger out you tart.


Simon said...

Yeah, come on!

Oh btw, I could do with another VeloCake sticker for my new bike. A white one is no good though as it might be a bit difficult to see on a white bike :)

VeloCake said...

le sticker est dans la poste pour tu simone.

i can't just magic this stuff up y'know. I've done 7 on the trot. i'm spent.
you try writing this stuff day in day out.

whats the new wheels then Simon?

VeloCake said...

i forgot to add, it seems the french have read this post and are taking popshots at the tour riders, Lance didn't get hurt thank god and baby jesus

VeloCake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simon said...

> i forgot to add, it seems the french have read this post and are taking popshots at the tour riders

I saw that. Your influence obviously travels far and wide. You'll need to be careful!

New wheels - Spesh Tarmac Expert, our ex demo bike. Speedy :)

Steve said...

Oh help me Mrs Medlicott, I don’t know what to do, I’ve only got three bullets, And there’s four of Motley Crue.