Friday, 5 June 2009

What Tyres for Bristol

Well i'd thought i'd take time out to update you all readers on the bikefest goings on.

I consider myself an old hand at this sort of thing and thought this year i'd make an effort to travel bike/tentlite.

Oh the best intentions eh.

I'm currently on one bag of clothes, containing one t shirt and every bit of bike related clothing i own. I forgot, 5 pairs of socks. For two days!
One bag of provisions. I haven't though, packed any food (hardly). Just water and bread. I've not got any beer yet either.



Bag of sleeping bag etc etc

Stove of coffee paraphanalia.


oh and the bike. (with the tyres that are on it)

Why is it impossible to just take a couple of bags to these things?

Now it's Sunday night and hindsight is a wonderful thing, why didn't I taken any waterproof trousers?


Al said...

Hello Mike,

Now, if i ask how the weather was in Bristoliashire will you shout?

It was a little damp up in Rugby!!

Apart from your lack of any brain power and simple logic! Did you enjoy the weekend?

See you in the morning.

Al, soon to be riding an aluminuminium bike! What have i done?

bikemonkey83 said...

You're a tart. Just take a bowie knife and kill/steal/ do without.

Al said...

Why has Velocake gone dark?

Would someone put 50p in the slot!

You can make your own jokes up.I can't do all the thinking round here.

I hate change and can wear a pair of bills for up to a month at a time!!!

Al, stinkin'in PZ

VeloCake said...

james, you can't kill a lettuce, and i'm no bear grills/dave clarke type.

alan, it is a reflection of my soul and the skys of bristol in the medium of dance....err colours.

VeloCake said...

pictures will follow soon

Al said...

Oh goody!

I'm rubbish at reading.

The experts says it's something to do with me being thick.