Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Summers here and so are the Bicycle Camping Weekends Drunk in a Field Somewhere.


Its the UK singlespeed champs and the Big Brizzle bikefest is this weekend and VeloCake are going to be there in full force and effect, maybe.

It's going to be a great weekend of bicycles beer and and generally riding around a field in circles for 12 hours. I can't wait.


I'm not really gay said...

you are at Bristol aren't you Mickey ?

al said...


Mikes not dead.

Where are my bloody tyres ya girl?


Kaiser said...

Al are you going to SSUK?

Al said...


it's a toss up between SSUK and Slimbridge!

No i'm not joking. me and fiona are off to AutoItalia up in Rugbuuuuuy!! So may swing by on Saturday on the way up.

Good luck to all our brave boys for doing for the team.

Velocake and Retrobike.

Go on the lads.


al said...

All change!!

I'm going to Bristol Bikefest on Saturday and not north Yorkshire Slimbridge or any other odd place now.

Al, always been shite with maps!

Kaiser said...

I could have brought your pressie. Its a satnav too :) only kidding my luddite chum

VeloCake said...

yes Steve i am at bristol, are you fit and bring raoul and the andersons?

Al said...

Oh goody!

I love pressies me.

Good luck at the weekend. My thoughts are with all of you (racers)!!

I may take a moment whilst drinking coffee eating cake and playing with Mazzers to reflect on all your heroic deeds!

All the very, very. Me

I'm not really gay said...

fit ?, probably the least fittest I've ever been, and the heaviest :-(

Raoul is there and racing in your name

Andersons are at Dalby keeping it real