Saturday, 20 June 2009


VeloCake Live Bikefest Weeklong Weekender is starting to fill up.

Already the pay as you go sportive is nearly full, with just a handful of places left. The off road awesome Penwith enduro is filling nicely as are the historic (l'eroica del marazione) cafe run, and the Sunday afternoon ice creams on the beach from Mr B's in the Boho centre ville of Hayle village.

Scoop of the event has to be 90's rejects Flowered Up who are booked for the end of weekend party and will be performing their fantastic hit record "weekender" on repeat untill fade. So, "go out, have a good time."

Flowered up, in a bike shirt 15 years ago


Al said...

Well it all sounds fanfookintastic!

I am looking forward to seeing a bunch Manc's playing with their instruments.


ps were Sad Cafe busy!!

Northern Lass said...

I'm in - if the infamous Al is in!

VeloCake said...

flowered up where/are baggy cockerney mancunian wannnabe's.
you should know that alan.

Al said...

Oh! i am nearly 42 though.

I like old stuff you can't dance to.

You do have to say the Sad Cafe refrence was good ?

Is northern lass Mike on his day off? i'm rather hoping so. GRRRRRR !!!


VeloCake said...

i was still at work at 17:01 on a tuesday, do the math, you have an admirer!
is it one of the retrobike gimps or are you talking to yourself?

Al said...

Yes that's true, you never use the computer at work!

For once it's not me talking to myself.

Are we doing the Cakey, Cakey soon?