Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Freak Bikes..

As some of us aren't lucky enough to wander in the hallowed halls of Cheeky, I felt it only right to put this on show for all, particularly as there are several big wheeled silly bar'd types amongst us. Yes you Nick!

A silly bike last week


Simon said...

That is indeed a very silly bike.

Al said...

Simon i disagree,i think it's very very silly!!

And dare i say just a little shit.

Al. Yes i'm a dirty boy and i will get back in my box!

VeloCake said...

"a little shit"

have you seen part 2?

Bill said...

How dare you!

I think you should give some respect to that nice Al bloke.

not only does he have nice bicycles but i bet he's really handsome too?

nice blog though.

big Bill manley, Scunthorpe

Northern Lass said...

Two things strike me as silly here...

Firstly, I don’t think the issue is that the wheels are excessively BIG making it look very silly - but the fact that this bike is bloody useless - what good is a bike that you literally have to push? It takes the term "push bike" to an all new level!

Secondly - and equally as freaky - why does an oddball called Al keep pretending to be someone else and then having a conversation with himself! That is indeedy - very SILLY!

Not Al. said...

Well i never!!

For some reason Al seems to be getting labeled as some kind of strange person that not only has no friends but spends all his days talking to himself on the interweb.

I think this is a little unfair as i have had coffee with him and i think he is ACE!

Not Al, Not cornwall or owt!!

Al said...

Well Northern Lass,I suppose it's no use asking if you'd be my ookachoo?

Al Stardust.

VeloCake said...

how many alter egos do you now have on here Alan?

the front wheel/downtube area causes me the most merth

Al said...

About some! This is a non judgemental therapy based blog for my schizophrenia. 'no it's not' 'yes it is' !!

i'm glad that my uniquely welded frame brings you such pleasure.

Al (or is it) 'yes'

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the lady is of hobbit size and makes the normal bike look big? Yes my preciouss

Steve said...

Is that lady Very Far Away?