Tuesday, 19 May 2009

VeloCake BikeFest Weekender LIVE!

It was inevitable really wasn't it.

I'm delighted to announce to you my beautiful public that we here at VeloCake have pulled off a real coup.
We are launching the Southwests 1st real proper bikefest classic week weekender over a week LIVE!
Tell us more I hear you cry:

Ok if sitting comfortably , then i'll begin.

Much in the format of other bike week/weekender festivals (I nicked the idea) that are all around us this summer, the VeloCake extravaganza will be head and heals above all other magazine based events.

Spread over one week in July (date TBC) a week long chain of loosely bike (and booze) based events will unfold.

Stuff thats already planed are
An off road enduro to either open or close events.
A classic style hill climb and downhill race.

A week long of guided cafe visits.

A retro historic ride to revisit the first VeloCake run.

An urban fixed ride with bicycle polo (apparently this has to be included or the fashion police come down from the big smoke and make everyone wear tight jeans).

A road based sportive which will see riders paying me up to £40.00 to ride on roads they could ride any other day for nowt.

Devil take the hindmost drinking game. (this will be in either caffeine or alcohol format).

A coffee morning.
Tiddley winks on bikes
and much much more to be arranged.

For our friends from up the line, accommodation will be arranged and a very favourable rate at a local B+B or camping is available.
More news to follow.....


al said...

I'm so excited that a little bit of wee has come out!!

Is there a way of getting tickets for the 'EVENTS'? I don't want to miss such a historic gathering of strange hairy old men.

Please contact me by shouting rite loud.


VeloCake said...

you always smelled of wee anyway.

Should anyone be interest, we're organising a rat race/crit on penzance harbour carpark. We've even got a ex Raleigh pro to ride. It's a prime location because theres cafes at each end for spectators and a bike lane! its a winner

I'm not really gay said...

when the cornwall ss champs then ?

me said...

now thats a good question!

Although, do i have to wear a nazi uniform when riding is a better one.


Serious about riding, even more serious about cake!!

VeloCake said...

I'd forgotten all about that angle.
are you in Steve, otherwise it maybe only four in it

I'm not really gay said...

damn right I'm in

and you know damn well that the cheeky crew will turn out

September is a good time