Thursday, 7 May 2009

Pro Chat

So anyway, there we were in a restaurant in Cortina Italy, and by chance it was the weekend of the world cup downhill.

Across on the next table was Missy Giove and Marla Streb.

Giove was studying the menu and turned to Marla, in her best Nooyoik drawl asked her, "what the frick is prosciutto?"
(you think she'd know having some Italian in the family tree)

Marla sternly gave a tutonic reply, "it's a kind of ham".

And that dear reader, is a true story.


al said...

I don't believe a word of it!

the Story goes that said same restaurant on race weekend was full of team mechanics.
And the only way one could tell the brits was one drunken chap from a uk team shouted over the whispers of the diners, " aye it's f***ing top pizza this" 'ave ya' got more beers"

It makes one proud doesn't it?


al said...

I've just been informed by a 'source' it was calzone!!
for thickos,it's a rolled over pizza pocket affair.that Marla mis-described as "a kinda ham"

Also my 'source' was the only one that cheered when marla stacked on her run!!

now that's a true story.

Or is it!


VeloCake said...

you're the sort of person who laughs at others misfortune aren't you