Wednesday, 6 May 2009

End to End Progress

Should anyone care, yesterday we heard from Nick and he was in beautiful Wigan, jewel of the north west. That was mid afternoon and he was heading up to Kendal from the night. Today at that rate he'll be crossing the border and changing from lycra to a kilt, or maybe a tartan skort.

bon voyage.


al said...

He only stopped in Wigin to buy a meat'n'tater pie.

Go on my son!!! Haggis for breakfast. he's a big fan of sheeps lungs! Who'd a thowt it! thats my best Wigin accent.


al said...

ps. Figured out how to use this machine,and can now put my name in.

as the great boy george once said,

"its a miracle, it's a miracle".

Im going now!

VeloCake said...

you must get out more.