Monday, 11 May 2009


Today apparently marks the start of national duffnut week.
As it is a form of cake/confectionery i thought it should get a mention.
All doughnuts bought from small local bakers (i.b.d.s) will take a small charitable donation
to the guild of master bakers.
Here in penzance, Alans been to the Coop and we're already tucking into a few bags of jam and custard flavours as we speak.


al said...



Anonymous said...

Dear velocake,

would you please tell me if 'young' Nic has made it too Scotshire?
Also i would like to meet him on his arrival back in Kernow.I do hope he has bought some of that lovely Shortbread that the Scotch people are known for? that and ginger hair of course!!

Mr C. hunt,Ventongimps.

Anonymous said...

Dear velocake,

I am one of those people that just looks at these forum/blog type things and have never dipped my toe in the cyberspace pool.

I was just wondering, is it just that lovely fella 'Al' that contributes to this blog or are there any other handsome and incredibly clever people likely to be a part of your blather?

ms H I Heele, Bangor, Welsh Wales.

ps. If i send you a pair of frilly nax would you mind getting Al to sign them for me? Giggle!!!

al said...


I thought i would respond to that lovely message sent from ms Heele.

With this being a cake related blog, i wouldn't think it would be of interest of such a slim slip of a girl like yourself!

Although if you would like to meet me on the fit'n'clever forum then i would very much like to meet you in your nearest park late in the evening.

All the very best, Al

ps i'm not some kind of perv'i just like parks 'n' that.

al said...

This is what happens when i have nobody to talk to!!


VeloCake said...

you are wierd alan.

still nice to have you along