Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Burn Your SingleSpeed!

The nails are been hammered in thick and fast into the bicycle coffin.
The other day i was waiting in a waiting room, and whilst waiting I picked the Daily Torygraph.
Shock shock horror there was an article on "the latest singlespeed bicycle craze.

From the aching to be fashionable Charge to the sports ? singlespeed from Kona which is equipped with 29in wheels which, while good for speed and ride quality, make it harder to handle when cruising slowly.
What is a sports singlespeed?

Pfffft....Dan Synge you're an asshole.

Load of Tosh


al said...

Singlespeeds are rubbish anyhoo!

i'm going 33 speed.

VeloCake said...

what with? a sachs/ritchey concept gear system

al said...

No, With one huge modified rear end and 33 cogs in a row and a single chainring!!

Smart arse!

al.doin'my way.

Tom said...

Pah what you really want is a Rohloff which I'm sure you could bodge a 6 speed cassette onto then a triple up front on a schlumpf crank. That's er 504 gears.

al said...

Tom, you sound like a engineer or summet? if not you should be!

I knew it wouldn't be long before the Velocake massive took control!

'hats off tom lad'


Tom said...

Notice the use of the word "bodge"

Plumbing is my game...

VeloCake said...

plumbings the game, bodgings the game.

Tom, can you fit my boiler?

Tom said...


al said...

He'll pay you in random bike 'tat'

Al, working on the behalf of others.

Tom said...

He's a little far away. I did price a job in Newquay the other week but they thought we were a bit steep and accused our lad of staying in 5 star hotels when working away from home ;0)

al said...


I told my missus the rating in hotels went up to 2 star!!

Al. every little helps.