Wednesday, 22 April 2009

So.......Back to Business

What with all the recent excitement on here about jerseys (c'mon admit it you were a bit) and warm sunny spring.

I'm sorry, I have neglected the very raison d'ete of VeloCake. So the cafe runs are back, and because it's stopped raining.

So, it was decided that on a sunny Saturday morning the VeloCake "steel is real" division converged upon the BlueBay cafe. (Its blue, it's a cafe and it's in a blue bay).

It really was like the Cote D'Azur. The early morning sun glistened on the sea, the sky was a deep blue, the boats in the harbour were over looked and continental type couples greeted each other with kisses on both cheeks.

So that's the scene nicely painted with words, on to the cafe
They've recently switched from the ubiquitous Illy to mussetti coffee, but that's no bad thing.
Getting there at 08:30 hrs meant they had just ground the beans and once expressed through that big ol' Faema machina it made a very nice brew.

Certain members ponced it up and had a latte whilst the rest of us took it straight.

We also sampled a very nice tarte au citron which just helped the whole sud du France experience. formidable!

Such was the bloody nice time all round we'll be doing the same next Saturday.
All welcome.

The old woman from Cheshire earwigging was a bit off putting though!


al said...

I think the lady from cheshire is a permenant fixture in the caf' of a morning. i saw her there the day after with her pinky in the air!

No! her little finger,mucky boy!!
Fancies herself as a bit of a posh bird. Must be from Runcorn!

back this saturday for more of the same?

Al spongeback!

I'm not really gay said...

sounds just grand, I really should make the effort to drive the 300 miles down there and spend a weekend sampling the cafes and the hills :-)

VeloCake said...

you're always welcome Steve.
if you're lucky you can meet Eileen Bilton.

al said...

I for one would like to meet Eileen Bilton.
Since the Ted Moult fan club was disbanded some ten years ago,i feel that my friends and i have very few outlets for our glass and glazing needs!

So mr Cake, if you would be so kind as to introduce me and my two friends, Nigel Kitemark and Claudia Ravernhead. I would be for ever gratefull.

Mr O.Pake,St Helens, the norf.