Sunday, 12 April 2009


ok that might seem a little dramatic but some cock in probably londinium has gone and mother hubbered'd stolen OUR name. Yes.....the name that WE spent a good 45 minutes over whilst having a brew and eating a duffnut, working out the community thinking.
This fly by night has come along and like a right capitalist stolen OUR name, then turned it into a dot com.

Still imitation and all that.. he'll never be as cool as all of us either.

cast a glance @



Tom said...

Florida is available. Or should I say is now available for £1million ;0)

joshjmellor said...

Whoa, just a minute, I invented velocake back in 1902, before the internet was even assembled, wait, that's not accurate. Actually, I came across the name much in the same way that you did -- A few brews, throwin names around, a shit-ton of searches until I came to this delight. It was only after I spent a ton of time putting this thing together (amateur at web assembly) that I had the brainiac idea to google the damn thing, listen, I was equally disappointed to find velocake in use -- much in the same vein, but you actually have something to do with cakes!

Its not my style to poach anothers cake. It truly was an honest occurrence. So what now? Well, I can say that there is no need for a hate campaign. I mean, that would just launch us into a bitter battle for velocake supremacy, and we all know that kind of power will only lead to the aspiration of world domination, which is a costly venture and would definitely cut into bike riding time. I would suggest some good old fashion dueling, maybe in the form of sprints, but that may be hard considering the Atlantic ocean. I'm not in the business of selling .com's so appealing to my alleged capitalist motives is useless. Do you guys have any good micro-brews over there? I may be bribed with a good hef. How about if you and your readers find me a suitable name? Obviously we have similar tastes.
I wish you would have .com'd the damn thing so we wouldn't be having the conversation. Again, didn't do it intentionally.


Tom said...


Someone should change to velosemolina or velobiscuit.

Nope no decent beer over here ;0)

I'm not really gay said...

Velocake UK chapter

Velocake US chapter

yes it really is that fuckin easy :)

VeloCake said...

like in a hells angels kind of way.
I like it.
how about dueling pedallos across the sea.
and like tom said, no beer here.

I'm not really gay said...

yes Mikey yes

bikemonkey83 said...

Nevermind the jerseys - let's get some leather jackets done, and some chaps for Dan

al said...

I'm Apalled,its Appalling!!!

I have written to the Daily Mail about this and have received a reply.

The letter reads "Dear Mr Tabbard of Timperley, As we have discussed through our lawyers on more than one occasion, would you please not bother our Political editor with your cake queries.
If you fail to heed this final warning, we will be forced to send the boys round."

To this I decided to take the moral high ground and e-mailed the Paper's editor-in-chief.

"Dear Mr Paper-man, would you kindly take my earlier letter and stick it up your spreading Tory Ass!!"

Al, Seething but home again in sunny Cornwall.