Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Nick's Scottish Delivery.

Ha ha ha he's a postie you see...

Fellow VeloCaker is heading north to the land o'kilts to scam some money for the local cats home or something.
I jest, he's doing it for the kids. (not the earlier Creation Records complition).

So if you see a Jesus-a-like rattling his cocoa tin at you, thats not a Rohloff dig either, whilst on his orange hybrided hybrid bike for life, just point and jeer or throw money at him.

here's some old pony from the local rag:
local rag

In the interest of fairness and being nice, VeloCaker Simon is also "giving" Here

What is it with all this charity work, don't you know theres a reccession on?

Oh by the way Nick, thanks for the name check in the paper and invite to the chippy..pfffft!


al said...

Gods speed young Nicklious!

I have 10 great british pounds awaiting your return.

Al. Sat on my lazy arse,PZ

VeloCake said...

he didn't ask you to the chippy either then Alan?

al said...

No i smell!

I don't like chips anyway!!

Al.sulking,i do like chips i was just putting a brave face on.

VeloCake said...

when are you getting of your glass back and coming into work? i haven't had a brew all week.

Anonymous said...

friday i hope!

i'm missing your rugged good looks and boyish smile!