Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Just for Alan

you can now leave a comment without having to log on/in.
For those people who are missing out or simple.


Anonymous said...

How the!

do i go in.....doh!

is that working 'n'shi..... am i logged in?

For fu......... help! Miiiike!!

al said...

no that was me!!

Fool proof in it!

Al. on at last. Booooooooooo, get off!

VeloCake said...

oh Alan....

good to have you along finally.

now go and put the kettle on. you do know how to work that don't you

al said...

Smart arse!!

I will be in the P.Z.C.C. thursday to show you.


Anonymous said...

OOH,OOH......Can I have a Buffity Buff too,Michael
Nicholas the BohoSSnichetasticPostie xxx

al said...

Just cos i'm getting one nic!

oh my god in it, just cos i is da bomb or sumfink in it! guy! ya jus rood!

Al.Hangin tuff, Penzance.

VeloCake said...

Alan, if you're only going to do your Ali G impressions, I'm turning the signing in back on.

al said...


I'll find a way. I've just started reading a boook!

its called, 'How to be a better blogger and annoy your friends in the process by being just as smart as they think the are, particulaly people called Mike'
I'm on page 1,the chapter called 'Seeking revenge on the Blog master named Mike by writing complete drivel on his comments board'

Al, Somewhere in Cheshire!

VeloCake said...