Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Last Chance For Jerseys.

More exciting news!
After many emails and phone calls this week, I have successfully negotiated a jersey supplier. It's been very tough thrasing out the deal, but after many "you're fired" emails the "you're hired" email has gone to wee kilt makers Endura. They threw in a bottle of single malt as a sweetener, so that was it.

SO, this is the last call if anyone else wants a jersey and I've not spoken to you already. Pull your finger out and let me know very quickly.

One other thing, they also make Buffs, £8.00 each, so who wants a VeloCake buff
and I nearly forgot, Wife beaters are also available for those hotter days in the saddle.
take your pick


Tom said...

I'll take one if I'm not too late to the partysserie.

Just tell me where to send the money.

bikemonkey83 said...

Go on - do me a buff too. Sophie's pinched mine and made it smell of girls

VeloCake said...

james, it always smelled of girls when you wore it!

Nicky said...

Assumes the jerseys can't handle hips is it too late for a spot of Buffage?