Sunday, 5 April 2009

Cafe News

I thought I should give a quick update on the state of the cafes in Penzance as there have been a few changes.
Sadly a few months ago the Cosi closed. This was a bit extra sad as tim the owner was a cyclist (although did that running in speedos thing) and customer of the shop.
But last week, like a caffine soaked phoenix the cafe rose again. Although with different owners and a different name.
So, welcome to Cafe Roma, (0 out of 10 for name originality but hey...)
So after a week of slack VeloCake organising and saying we all must go and sample it, I had half an hour free so snook in on my own.
Apart from a lick of paint and a few scatter cushions theres no great change from the Cosi.
The menu had about nine different coffee styles on, hot punani sandwiches, sorry I mean hot pannini sandwiches and a few nice looking cakey cakeys on the counter. The big plus point however was a bag of beans been opened, ground and then expressed into my cup and all at a very resonable price.
They had Nick Cave and Gangstarr on the cd player too.
I'll take some pictures next time


Old Relic said...

I know it's not strictly Penzance, but might be considered as being within the environs of greater PZ, however the cafe at Marazion car park (by the Station House) does quite nice cake and reasonable coffee despite serving it in paper cups (a crime). Travelling further afield, Relish in Foundry Square, Wadebridge is run by a champion barista and he makes excellent java.

VeloCake said...

those paper cups at jordans are the highest quality green recycled card. you're right though.
Do you think wadebridge is do-able?