Sunday, 29 March 2009


welcome new member OLD RELIC

i've no idea who you are, but if you ride bikes, drink fine coffee then you welcome here.


p.s. if you want a sticker, send me your address and a list of your coolest contacts and you'll receive (f.o.c.) a VeloCake welocome pack! providing you meet the obligatory who's who's and social vetting.


Old Relic said...

Dear Velocake, I'd be honoured to join your happy (presumably), caffeine-enriched band - check out the following links which I hope will prove that my interests are compatible .... - an excellent source of fine coffee - I've been buying from them for around 10 years. - coffee with a cycling theme.

I also love a drop of Uisge Beatha, particularly those from the island of Islay, so check out - and also this whisky-influenced, Colnago-flavoured site

If Velocake are wanting to get jerseys made then might be worth a look as they're offering jerseys at £28 each, minimum order of 5.

Old Relic

VeloCake said...

you're not THE washing machine post are you?

Old Relic said...

No, I'm not that far north, in fact I'm in Hayle!

VeloCake said... it's all clear.
welcome welcome.