Thursday, 12 February 2009


Whilst the rest of the country is still under snow, down here by the beach there's just been 3 (that's right 1, 2, and 3. read 'em) dry and sunny days ......


Shall I go on?

Well, after 6 months of rain finally ended on Sunday afternoon, Monday morning was warm and sunny. Y'know the sort of morning with dew just hangs in the air about 3 feet high and rising baby.

So I went bouncing up the garden path to find my bike, already to head off to work and I had a big bumrah of a flat tyre.

But it didn't matter, it's sunny and the sky is completely blue, (that rich deep blue you get, probably high in ozone and salty sea-ness. beautiful blue. you used to get skys like that in the

Anyhooo....... not only that but there was no wind, the road was gently downhill, hardly any cars around and then to top it all, I rode past old Jeff who gave a couple of cheery "allez allez" from the road side.

Today, Wednesday, it was blue skys again, the thermometer in the garden was saying 11'c at 10 o'clock and it was good to be alive.

So naturally I went and got the bike and headed off. Rolling along though fields of daffs, more sunshine, flies (?!!) and the Atlantic shimmering in this distance. (I'm painting pictures with words here aren't I).
Ahhhhhh, summer, you're just around the corner aren't you?

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