Thursday, 12 February 2009


Exciting news fans of cake and bicycle related blogs.

I'm currently working on a couple of promo deals with people to bring you some more exciting product.

Not only magical mystery items but there's a possiblity of VeloCake jerseys for the summer if anyone gives a shit, let me know


Simon said...

Thanks for the VeloCakes!

Tom Levell said...

I want some stickers now too for my Simple!
/stamps feet/

I'll promise to take a picture with cake at Kildale cafe.

VeloCake said...

okeepokes Tom,
you may have to wait a few weeks but i'll get some more sorted

Raouligan said...

Yes Stickers here too, and a jersey, tell me when and how much ;0)

I might have to challenge you to a bake off mind....